What are the pros and cons to working on a real estate team?


I currently am talking to a co-agent at my real estate company and I’m thinking about partnering with her to create a team on selling and listing houses. What are some pros and cons to having a partner/real estate team?

- If you don’t have business and they do, you split half of the commission (and costs, of course)!
- Someone can cover for you when you’re on vacation or sick or unavailable

- You have to split your commission

I used to work on a team (a horrible team) and hated it. I was totally screwed out of my money. When it came time to split the commission, I was never given a fair share. Since I was the newest kid in that team, they thought it was fair. I ended up leaving and don’t regret it one bit.

I’m now in a new team and LOVE IT. I like that I have people covering for me when I go away. I also like that we’re all in charge of different aspects (one of us is the detailed one who looks over all the documentation and contracts etc, one is the negotiator, another is the showing/open house person). We work well together and we trust each other and we back each other up. If we refuse to work with someone and that person complains to another one of my teammates, they tell that person "sorry but (name) already gave you an answer".

The one thing about working in a team is you have to have that trust. If you don’t have it, don’t do it. I’ve heard too many stories of team members screwing each other over. One of the people I know on a team just disappeared for a week and he told his teammate he was ill. Turns out he privately helped a client (that they shared) buy a place and took 100% of the commission and played it off like it was ONLY $20,000 and that the upset partner should drop it. Obviously teams can work well, but only if there’s trust and you actually like each other.


What should I do about crumbling concrete front steps in an older home?


The house was built in 1900 I don’t know how old the steps are. They were fine when I bought the house in 2001. A couple years ago as part of an overall exterior face-lift / paint job I painted them red with Sherwin Williams outdoor deck paint dark red. Now they are seriously crumbling especially the bottom of the three steps. No side rails or anything just concrete steps but rather wide. Should I Repair them? How? Replace? With what? Want it to look nice last and not cost a whole lot. Thanks in advance anyone with advice.

I should add that I would prefer a professional take care of this not DYI!

Paint should not cause the cement to crumble. More likely something like Salt has been used on them to remove Ice and caused the lime in the cement to break down.

You have only two options to make them look nice. Get a mason to lay large tiles over the cement, or bust out the cement and pour new steps.


Don’t Rent Buy!: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your First Home


steps to buying a house
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Paramount Short Sale Process


short sale process floridaAt SCA Real Estate, our Paramount Short Sale Agents are here to walk you through the Paramount Short Sale Process. We have an excellent short sale negotiation team, and we are ready to get your short sale approved in a timely fashion. Give us a call at 877.828.0710 or visit our website at www.ishortsalerealestate.com to get started!

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Steps to buying a home | Step 3 of 6 | -We’ll show you the homes


steps to buying a houseStep 3of 6 We show you properties

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